Do I have to be referred by a Physician?  -  No, North Carolina offers Direct Access to PT services. However, based on Physical Therapist's Evaluation and/or ongoing assessment, the Therapist might refer you to your doctor or other specialist if some of your needs fall outside the scope of PT practice.

What does out of network/cash based clinic mean?   We have decided to be an out of network provider for all insurance companies.  Bypassing the insurance process enables the physical therapist to spend more time directly engaged with you, addressing your specific treatment needs for better and faster results- usually in a more economically beneficial manner. Unlike most Concierge Practices, no annual or monthly membership fee is required; this is a fee-for-service practice meaning you pay only a flat fee for service at time of each session.

Can I personally submit claims to my insurance company for reimbursement? 

If one would like to self submit claims to their own medical insurance company for reimbursement or to go towards the year-end out of pocket deductible,  please, follow these steps:

1. Ask your therapist for an itemized receipt.

2. Download and complete a Health Insurance Claim Form from your insurance company's website. (I recommend that you personally verify your benefits.)

3. Mail both the Claim Form and the itemized receipt(s) to the address listed by your insurance company, and your insurance company may potentially reimburse you directly.

Do you treat Medicare Patients?  Unfortunately, since we have no relationship with Medicare we are unable to treat Medicare part B beneficiaries at this time for covered services

What Forms of payment are accepted?  credit/debit, FSA cards, checks and cash.

How do rates of Cash Based PT Clinics compare to those that are in network with insurance companies?  Traditional PT Clinics in this area may bill your insurance company $250-$600 per visit. Discerning consumers who value quality and expertise may look elsewhere for a better value given that insurance plans at large continue to deteriorate, with higher deductibles and co-pays each year.  Here's the bottom line: regardless of where you go and what your insurance plan offers, typically you will still be required to pay a portion of your treatment bill out of pocket-- perhaps a 50-75 dollar co-pay or a percentage of cost filed with your insurance company.

What should I wear for our appointments?  In order to properly assess and treat a patient to the fullest potential, we recommend you wear clothing that provides access for manual therapy such as t-shirt and shorts or loose fitting exercise type pants with legs that can be rolled up above the knee.  

Do you offer aquatic therapy?  Yes, we offer aquatic physical therapy services dependent on access to pool or other body of water if sport dependent.