Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy

Get back to the active coastal lifestyle you love with Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy



  • Placing Your Health and PT needs First

  • Concierge Style PT - All services provided at a Location of Your Choice (your home; workplace; community or home gym/pool; park; beach) to most effectively meet your therapy needs



  • We care about keeping you and your loved ones residing at home as long as possible; we place great emphasis on providing Patient & Caregiver Training and helping discover the easiest and safest solutions to barriers or challenges inside and outside the home

  • We offer Land and/or Aquatic Physical Therapy services

  • 100% of your treatment sessions will be provided one-on-one with your therapist who holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, not an assistant 

  • Cash based, out of network provider.  You and your therapist determine the frequency and number of treatment sessions needed, not the insurance companies 

  • Flexible scheduling to meet your needs


About Us

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The personalized concierge model of PT services often leads to greater client satisfaction and faster results. Greater patient compliance with issued home exercise programs and better carry-over of instructed skills into one's daily life result in better longterm outcomes and lasting good health.  This is the healthcare model of choice for educated consumers who place great value on their health and seek the highest quality of care and individualized attention they deserve.

Dr. Jeff Weisler provides invaluable home/community PT services that cannot be replicated in an institutional or clinic environment.